About Jutt Huffman

Jutt Huffman, native to Pataskala, Ohio, is an independent singer, songwriter, guitarist, arranger, composer and producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee who has performed well over 1,000 shows. Jutt released his first album in 2015 and he is currently touring America while finishing his sophomore record.

You can get a degree in music, or you can master the honky-tonks of Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, an art that can’t be taught in school. Jutt has 5 years of that with no “day job”. What is Rock & Roll? Rock & Roll is Jutt. Living the American dream. Playing with the big boys. Hustling and grinding. Buying twenty five hundred dollar guitars with all ones from a tip bucket. Giving to Charities. Touring America. Recording in Hollywood. Recording in Miami. Recording in Nashville. BIG dreams, BIG plans, and BIG work… While having FUN. Energy is contagious. Get ready for it!